At Winners Chapel Elelenwo, there is a place for everyone. We have many opportunities for every person to minister and in turn, be ministered to. We invite you to the time to explore the different ministry opportunities we have at our Church and take the time to serve and get involved. There are many benefits of Kingdom Service. The Word of God validates this in Exodus 23:25:

“And ye shall serve the LORD your GOD, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water, and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.”

One of the most rewarding things you can do is to be of service to others. It not only helps others but it also helps you. We urge you to pray about where God wants you to serve and get plugged in.

Remember, “…. It is more blessed to give than to receive” – Acts 20:35. As you give your time, and service, God’s blessings will envelope you and your household in Jesus name.

Listed below are some of the service units operational within our Church system with a summary of their functions:


  1. CHILDREN/TEENS  MINISTRY:  Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Our children’s ministry is a colorful, vibrant, entertaining and dynamic ministry focused on teaching the word of faith to children from ages 2 to teenage. The vision of the Winners Children Ministry is to:

  • Mentor the children/teenagers to understand the word of faith.
  • Help the children to develop their identity in Christ.
  • Encourage the children to develop an understanding of God’s purpose and plan for their lives.
  • Guide our children to discover themselves and use the gifts (spiritual, physical and mental) that God has deposited in them to explore their world.
  • Providing learning in a fun-filled, child-centered, Christly environment.

Parents are encouraged to provide their children with notebooks, writing materials and Bibles.

You can Contact: Sis Maureen Haastrup, 08033425473


2. COUNSELING/FOLLOW – UP UNIT : Acts 15:36, 18:25-26

This a ministry of brethren who are responsible for:

  • Receiving and counseling new converts and first timers after every service.
  • Following up visitors, first timers to ensure they are established in faith and in church.
  • Agreeing with new converts and first timers in prayer concerning their challenges.
  • Encouraging new converts and first timers to get baptized and committed to kingdom service.
  • Guiding them to nearby Winners Satellite Fellowships to help build them up Christ.
  • Advising the first timers and converts on service units to be part of.

Please join us today. Contact: Chioma Ejealor, +2348030902161


3. CROWD CONTROL UNIT: 1Corinthians 14:40

This ministry is responsible for crowd management and coordinating. We serve to:

  • Maintain orderliness in the movement of the crowd.
  • Co-ordinate flow/direction of people during ministrations and specialized services.
  • Man the church entrance, main sanctuary and Pastor’s office to ensure free flow of traffic.

To be a part of this wonderful team, feel free to contact: Ewa Edward, 07038527149


4. DECORATION TEAM: Isaiah 60:13

The decoration unit team are professionals in event management, horticulture, landscaping, interior and exterior decorations, fashion & design, catering etc. We are responsible for the:

  • Beautification of the sanctuary.
  • Decoration of the church with ornaments (flowers, lights, fine fabrics, etc.) of beauty.
  • Dressing the altar in the glory of His unction.
  • Adornment of the altar with spiritual colours.

We invite you to be a part of us. Please contact Chinedu Egwim, +2347030810161


5. DOMINION CHOIR: 2Chronicles 5:13-14
This anointed ministry ushers worshipers into His presence through praise, worship, hymns and special songs in all church meetings and services. Her vision is to bring down the glory of God upon members in the sanctuary with the help of the Holy Spirit in angelic voices viawind and string instruments, cymbals,timbrels, drums, keyboards etc. Psalm 22:3.

You are blessed to join us. Contact: Goodness Iheanacho, 08060506965


6. EVANGELISM UNIT: John 15:16, Matt 28:19,

These are the foot soldiers and soul hunters for the kingdom of God, Luke 14:23
The vision of the Evangelism Unit is to depopulate the kingdom of satan by reaching out with the gospel of Christ to the lost souls. Our core responsibilities are:

  • Preaching and teaching the word of God to win souls within and beyond our locality.
  • Hospital visitations to pray for the sick and minister salvation to them.
  • Meeting to pray for Members, Converts, Outreaches and the Church.
  • Organizing Mass Evangelism for the Church.
  • Organize workshops on personal Evangelism and discipleship.
  • Follow-up on souls to.

Join us fulfill this commission. Contact: PrincewillTiene, 07035291487


7. GILEAD TEAM: Luke 10:33-34

This is a team of professionals with experience in medicine, nursing, public & social health services etc. We provide free first aid and attend to medical emergencies of worshippers during church services.

We also assist members in need of medical care at the church clinic and during healing school programs.

We are open to receiving new members. Please contact Christy Dorka-Nagbo, +2348037594981


8. HOSPITALITY : Romans 12:13, Hebrews 13:1-2

The Hospitality unit is gifted with brethren from all works of life responsible for giving warmth care and love to those who may need assistance amongst us. We liaise with other service groups to reach out to widows, the less privileged, needy, etc.
Whenaltar call is made for new converts and first timers, we help direct them to and from the altar and also assist in counseling them. We are a manifestation of the love of Christ to all worshippers.
We are pleased to invite you to join us today. Contact: John Martins, +2348033406825



It is a technical unit made up of faithful believers of our Lord Jesus who have dedicated their technical talents and skills both acquired and inborn to the service of GOD and His people.

THE VISION:To see to the stability and improvement of all electrical, mechanical and civil installations in the church through Predictive, Preventive and corrective maintenance practices.

OUR MISSION:To use our services to enforce the vision of the Ministry through sound Kingdom growth principles and righteousness.

The unit basically undertakes the following Kingdom services:

  • Installations and routine maintenance of all electrical equipment and facilities in the church.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of the water system in the church, to ensure availability and flow of water in the church.
  • The unit also carries out vulcanizing, and light auto checks for members of the church after service on Sundays and other service days.

Come and join us today. Contact : Ahmed Lawani, +2348185170733



Among the 12 Pillars of this commission is Prayer.  This is because God will not arise until men first arise to pray. Mathew 16:18 said ‘’……….I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it…’’

This Commission was born on the altar of 26 months of unbroken prayer chain and can only be sustained by the same force of prayer.

God is always looking for men who will stand between heaven and earth, between mortality and immortality to ensure His agenda on earth is fully established (Ezekiel 22:30, Joel 2:17). Men who decree restore! Restore! Men and Women who have chosen to be restless until God establishes Jerusalem!

This is the end time army described in Joel 2: 1-10.

Enlist in this army today and be endued with the POWERS of the world to come for a Heaven on Earth lifestyle.Jesus is Lord

Please join us today. Contact:…



The Protocol team is a specialized squad of seasoned personnel whose duties include but not limited to:

  • Routine protocol duties within the Church premises during services and meetings
  • Manning the church entrance, main sanctuary and Pastor’s office.
  • Identifying visiting ministers, VIPs, church guests, special guests and attending to them appropriately.
  • Compiling, and inviting guests to special programs.
  • Procurement and processing of travel documents of guests.
  • Transportation and accommodation arrangements for guests.
  • Logistics and formalities during special meetings

Please contact Okey Onyema, +2348038933205


12. SANCTUARY KEEPERS:  Exodus 19:10-11, Genesis 2:15 

Our mission is to ensure proper sanitation in God’s house. We ensure that the main sanctuary, church offices, and the general surrounding and furniture in the place of worship are kept clean and orderly at all times.
Also, all Conveniences and other facilities are cleaned and presentable for use by worshipers.

As the need arises and according to the meetings/services, the unit also ensures seats and tables are arranged prior and after services.

We thereby invite you to join us today. Please contact: +2348180823431


13. SECURITY : Nehemiah 7:3

Safety and security is of the Lord but by His grace, we ensure safety of lives and property within and around the premises during church services.

Our members are strategically positioned to man the main gate to the church premises, sanctuary doors, pastor’s office, car parks, counting room etc. to ensure security is kept under control.

Members are composed of experienced servicemen, veterans and others.
For further enquiries, pls contact: George Orovwuje, +2348066712946


14. TECHNICAL TEAM: Exodus 36:1-2

This team in Winners Chapel is made up of skilled and trained media professionals whose duties are:

  • Ensuring that sound, cameras, microphones etc are set for services and specialized meetings.
  • Recording and editing messages in audio, video and prints.
  • Preparing all technical activitiesset for outreaches or evangelism.
  • Liaising with external media stations on publishing messages/announcements.
  • Manages the sales of messages.

Interested in joining this team, please contact Sunday Babalola, +2347032392647



On the wings of Eagles, the Traffic/Transportation team is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the logistics of commuting members to & fro church.
  • Managing vehicular traffic within the church premises and access areas leading to the church.
  • Ensuring members and worshippers get to church in time by providing vehicles to pick and drop at strategic muster points.
  • Supervising the maintenance and servicing of ministry vehicles.
  • Ensuring vehicles are packed orderly during services and other meetings.

For further inquiries, contact SunnyImonopeAlelumhe, +2347038411697


16. USHERING : Psalms 84:10

The Ushering arm of the church has the mandate to warmly welcome worshippers and direct them to their respective seats.
We assist in whatever capacity to ensure that the guests are comfortable and that their needs are met during the service e.g. directions to the convenience rooms, etc. We also maintain order during meetings and services.
Ensuring that nursing parents with babies are given adequate support and care as well as ensure mobile phones are turned to silent/quite/off modes during services/meetings are part of our core.

We also manage the distribution of church-related materials, such as handbills, magazines, prayer guide members in the sanctuary.

For more enquiries on how to serve with us, please contact: Benjamin Ohanekwu, +2348035170610


  • CHURCH BOARD (CB) – Godson Ezigbo, +2348033167621
  • LOCAL CHURCH BOARD (LCC) – Blessing Johnson, +2348036733876
  • ELDERS’ COUNCIL (EC) – Steve Uzoeto, +2348080746926
  • DEACONS’ BOARD – Obo Ejor, +2348072093511
  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (FMC) – Fada Ojie, +2347034277675
  • AUDIT COMMITTEE –           Mayowa Ayo Ajata, +2348036726389
  • LOCAL SCHOOLS BOARD (LSB) – Festus Chimezie Ukeame, +2348064115083
  • PASTORAL OVERSITE COMMITTEE (POC) – Godson Ezigbo, +2348033167621